Christopher Marsden's Huddersfield Architects contains an extensive listing of local architects and their practices.


Abbey & Hanson
Abbey & Hanson (Architects & Surveyors) [plans received Allen Hollingsworth]
Abbey & Hanson (Architects)
Abbey & Hanson (Architects) [plans received C.S. Jones]
Abbey & Hanson (Architects) [plans received J.W. Dyson]
Abbey & Hanson (Architects) [plans received John Haigh]
Abbey & Hanson (Architects) [plans received P. Tinsdeall]
Abbey & Hanson (Architects) [plans received W. Rowe]
Abbey & Hanson (Surveyors)
Abbey & Hanson (Surveyors) [the approved plans were received by W.H. Abbey]
Abbey & Hanson [plans received by W.H. Abbey]
Abbey & Hanson [plans received W. Rowe]
Frank Abbey & Joseph Hanson
J.B. Abbey & Son
J.B. Abbey & Sons
J.H. Abbey
J.H. Abbey (C.E.)
Joe B. Abbey
John A. Abbey
John H. Abbey
J.A. Adamson [received the plans]
W. Alfred Lofthouse (Architect)
Thomas Armitage (Plumber & Gas Fitter)
E.H. Ashburner
Peter Atkinson Jnr.
William J. Awleh & Son [?]


P. Bryant Baker (Sculptor)
Joseph Balmford
William Swindon Barber
Frank W. Barlow
J.T. Batley
Joe Thomas Batley
John G. Beaumont (Mmason) [signed plans]
M. Beaumont
Mark Beaumont
Mark Beaumont (Architect)
J. Berry
J. Berry (Architect)
J. Berry (Architect) [plans received Adam Howarth]
J. Berry & Son
J. Berry & Sons
Joseph Berry [plans received T.W. Berry]
Joseph Berry (Architect) [plans received J. Norman Berry]
Joseph Berry & Sons (Architects) [plans received Jack L. Thorp]
J. Blackburn (Builder)
J. Blackburn & Co. (Builders)
Joseph Blackburn
Joseph Blackburn [?]
Joseph Blackburn (Architect & Builder)
William Blamires
Henry Bradley
Joseph Brearley (Joiner & Builder) [signed the plans]
Tom Brier
Tom Brier [?]
Brook & Dransfield (James Brook & R.S. Dransfield), who signed the plans; plans received F.W. Edwards
Brook & Dransfield (Surveyors)
J.A. Brook
J.W. Brook (Architect)
John William Brook
John William Brook [the developer signed the plans and is described in directories as an architect]
John William Brook (Architect & Surveyor)
John William Brook (Architect)
S.B. Brook, who signed the plans
Robert Brown [plans signed by]
Robert Brown (Surveyor)
R.C. Bullough (Engineer) [who received the plans]
John Burgess (Engineer)
John Burgess (Engineer) [signed the plans]
William Butterfield


B. Calvert
F. Calvert [?]
F. & H. Calvert
F. & H. Calvert [plans signed for by]
F. & H. Calvert [who produced the plans]
F. & H. Calvert [signed the plans which were received by J.B. Calvert]
F. & H. Calvert [plans received John B. Calvert]
F. & H. Calvert (Architect)
F. & H. Calvert (Joiners & Builders) [also produced the plans]
George Calvert
George Calvert (Builder ?) [who signed the plans]
J. & B. Calvert
J. & H. Calvert
John Carr [?]
John Child
Robert E. Clayton (Dip Arch., A.R.I.B.A.)
Edward Clough [plans prepared by]
Edwin C. Cocker
J. William Cocking
J. William Cocking [?]
J. William Cocking [plans received H. Smith]
J. William Cocking (Architect)
J. William Cocking (Architect) [plans received H. Smith]
J. William Cocking & Co.
William Cocking
William Cocking (Architect & Building Surveyor)
William Cocking & Sons (Joiners & Builders)
William Cockins
Robert Cockroft (Joiner & Builder)
[?] Collins
Frederic Collins (Architect, Surveyor & Valuer) [plans received A.E. Ransley]
Frederic Collins (Architect) [plans received by A.E. Ransley]
W. Cooper
W. Cooper [converted to a theater by]
W. Cooper [Willie ?]
W. Cooper (Architect)
W. Cooper (F.R.I.B.A.)
Willey Cooper
William Cooper
Willie Cooper
Willie Cooper (Architect)
Crossby, Bould & Marsden
W.H. Crossland
William Crossland
Cecil H. Crowther (L.R.I.B.A.)
G. & G.H. Crowther
G.H. Crowther (Land Agent & Surveyor)
Norman Culley (F.R.I.B.A.) [plans received N. Kaye]
L. Cuningham [?]


Dawson & Jones
Dawson & Jones [produced the plans]
Dawson & Jones [signed the plans]
H.P. Dawson (Architect & Surveyor)
H.P. Dawson (Architect)
H.B. Dransfield [Land Surveyor]
R.S. Dugdale
Richard Swarbrick Dugdale (Borough Surveyor)
G. Dyson


W.G. Ellam
Bernard Engle & Partners, Chartered Architects & Planners; J. Roger Preston & Partner, Consulting Engineers
B.E. Entwistle
W.M. Etchells [?]


John H. Farnan
William Fawcett & Sons
William Fawcett & Sons (Builders & Contractors) [who signed the plans]
William Fawcett & Sons (Builders)
William Fawcett & Sons, Builders
Thomas Firth (Architect)
Leonard Fisher
Conrad Fletchley (Bletchley) [plans prepared by]
J.H. Freer
G.L. Gordon Furness (A.R.I.B.A.)


Gibsone, Skipwith & Gordon
John R. Gledhill [plans prepared by]
Graham & Nephews [Contractors & Stone Merchants]
Abraham Graham
Abraham Graham (Builder ?)
Abraham Graham (Builder & Contractor)
Abraham Graham & Sons
Ben Graham (who recived the plans)
Benjamin Graham
Benjamin Graham (Contractor)


J.H. Hall
J.H. Hall (Architect)
James Hall [? compare lettering with plan 741]
James A. Hall
James H. Hall
James H. Hall [? compare lettering with plan 741]
James H. Hall (Architect)
James H. Hall & Son (Architects & Surveyors) [plans received Robert Clark]
J.W. Halliwell
T.W. Halliwell
Richard Hanagan [prepared plans]
James Haton (Architect & Surveyor)
John Hawkshaw (Engineer)
F. Healey & J.H. Healey
J.H. & F. Healey
T.H. & F. Healey (Architects)
Thomas H. & B. Healey (Architects)
Thomas Henry Healey & Francis Healey
David Heaton
T.W. Helliwell
Hemsall & Chapman
Edward Henshall (A.M.I., C.E.)
H.P. Heppendale
H.S. Heppenstall
Harry S. Heppenstall
James Heron
James Heron (Architect & Surveyor)
Capt. Clifford Hickson
B. Hirst & Sons (Builders & Joiners) [who signed the plan]
Benjamin Hirst (Builder)
F.R. Hobson
William Holdsworth (Joiner & Builder) [plans prepared by]
Henry Holland (Steam Joinery Works, Packing Case & Rolling Board Maker)
Read Holliday & Sons [prepared plans]
W.C. Holmes
W.C. Holmes & Co. Engineers Office
William Hoyle (Joiner) [plans prepared by]
Calvert Hughes
E. Hughes
Edward Hughes
Edward Hughes [?]
Edward Hughes [application has initials 'R.L. for Edward Hughes']
Edward Hughes (F.R.I.B.A., Architect)
Edward Hughes (F.R.I.B.A.)
Edward Hughes (F.R.I.B.A.) [plans received W. Cooper]


Sydney Ingham
George R. Isborn (Architect & Surveyor)


W.H. Jessop [who also received plans]
William Henry Jessop
William Henry Jessop [who signed the plans]
W.A. Johnson & J.W. Cropper
William E. Jowitt


M.M. Kertland
M.M. Kertland (C.E. & Surveyer)
M.M. Kertland (C.E.)
M.M. Kertland (Surveyor) [plans received James C. Wilson]
John Kirk
John Kirk & Sons
John Kirk & Sons [Frederic Kirk signed for receipt of the approved plans]
John Kirk & Sons [Frederic Kirk signed for the approved copies of the plans]
John Kirk & Sons [plans collected by Frederic Kirk]
John Kirk & Sons [the approved copies of the plans were received by F. Kirk]
John Kirk & Sons [plans collected from Botough Surveyor's Office by G. Dyson]
John Kirk & Sons [plans received M. Riley]
John Kirk & Sons [plans received F. Kirk]
John Kirk & Sons [plans received William Riley]
John Kirk & Sons [plans received by A.W. Waddington]
John Kirk & Sons [?]
John Kirk & Sons [F. Kirk received the plans]
John Kirk & Sons (Architects)
John Kirk & Sons (Architects) [plans received George Dyson]
John Kirk & Sons (Architects) [plans received C.H. Limey]
John Kirk & Sons (Architects) [plans received William Riley]
John Kirk & Sons (Architects) [plans received by F. Kirk]
John Kirk & Sons (Architects) [plans received F. Kirk]
James E. Knight & Co. (Architects)


J.H. Laycock (Architect)
J.P. Lee
John William Lee
Leech & Beaumont
E.W. Lockwood (A.R.I.B.A.)
Alfred Lofthouse
Arther Lofthouse
W. Arthur Lofthouse (Architect)
W.A. Lofthouse [signed the single sheet of plans]
W.A. Lofthouse [who signed the plans]
L. Lunn (Architect)


Fred Maffin [plans prepared by]
James Mitchal [?]
Messrs. Moody Bros.
John Moorhouse
John Edward Moseley
John Edward Moseley (Architect & Surveyor)
John Edward Moseley (Architect, Surveyor & Valuer)
A.B. Mountani (Electrical Engineer)
Mullighan [?]


Newton & Evins


John Oates


John Parkin [prepared plans]
William Perkin & Elisha Backhouse
J.P. Pritchett
James Pigott Pritchett


J. Radcliff & Sons [plans prepared by]
W. Radcliff & Co.
J. Radcliffe & Sons [plans received W. Shaw]
James A. Radcliffe
John Radcliffe & Sons
John Radcliffe & Sons [plans received A. Radcliffe]
John Radcliffe & Sons (Builder & Contractor)
John Radcliffe & Sons (Builder)
W. Radcliffe
W. Radcliffe & Co.
William Radcliffe & Sons
Thomas Rhodes [?]
John Richardson (M.I.C.E.)
C.H. Riley
C.H. Riley [who acted as agent and received the plans]
C.H. Riley (Architect)
J. Riley & Sons (Builders & Joiners) [plans stamped by, with approved plans received by C.H. Riley]
W. Roberts
William Roberts (Builder)
John Rushforth
John Rushforth (Architect & Building Surveyor)
J. Rushworth


Roland Satchwell
David Sawyer (Joiner)
David Schofield
Sir George Gilbert Scott
J. Seymour Harris & Partners
Sharp & Law of Bradford (Architects) [for 1935 alterations]
William H. Sharp (Architect & Surveyor)
A. Shaw (Surveyor) / plans received J. Sykes
Anthony Shaw
Arthur Shaw
Jefferson Sheard & Partners (Consulting Engineer) and Bylander Waddell & Partners
Samuel Sheard
Samuel Sheard (Architect)
Edward Simpson (Architect)
Albert Smith [? who signed the plans]
Arthur Smith (Architect & Surveyor)
Edward B. Smith
Stead & Kaye
Stead & Kaye [?]
Stead & Kaye [contractors who made application]
Steinlet & Maxwell
Pascal J. Steinlet
Stocks & Sykes (Architects)
Ben Stocks
Ben Stocks [plans received from Borough Surveyor's Office by J. Adamson]
Ben Stocks [?]
Ben Stocks (Architect)
Ben Stocks (Architect) [plans collected by Arthur Sykes]
Ben Stocks (Architect) [the approved plans were received by J. Adamson]
Ben Stocks (Architect) [plans received J. Adamson]
Ben Stocks (Architect) [plans received Harry Berry]
J.W. Stocks [plans received by]
James Edward Sugden
David Sykes
David Sykes [?]
David Sykes [plans prepared by]
J. Sykes & Sons [plans prepared by]
Joe Sykes
John Sykes & Sons [plans prepared by]


A.J. Taylor
A.J. Taylor (Architect & Surveyor)
H.B. Taylor
Thomas Taylor
George Tinker & Son [?]
Sir William Tite
Allen Tod [prepared designes for conversion of the building for the university]
Travis & Mangnall


Utley, Hebblethwaite & Utley (Engineers, Architects & Surveyors) [plans received H. Hebblethwaite]


Verity & Beverley


William Wallen
J.W. Wardall, Builder
James Waring
William Waring (Architect)
William Waring (Builder) [signed the plans]
Alfred Waterhouse & Sons
Charles Watson [of Watson & Pritchett]
Thomas Westerby [plans prepared by]
Fred G. Westerman
John Russell Whitaker
R. Whiteley & Nephew
Frederick Wild
Edward William Lockwood
James C. Wilson [signed the plans]
Joe Wood [who signed the plans]
T. Wood [plans received by T.P. Wilkinson]
Thomas Wood
Thomas Wood [signed plans]
Thomas Wood (Architect & Surveyor)
Thomas Wood (Architect & Surveyor) [plans received G.M. Hey]
Thomas Wood (Architect)
Thomas Wood (Architect) [plans collected by J. Berry]
Thomas Wood (Architect) [plans received J. Berry]
Thomas Wood (Architect) [plans received by Edgar Wood]
Thomas Wood [signed plans] / J.M. Wardall [received plans]