11, Cloth Hall Street, Huddersfield


J.A. Adamson [received the plans]
Thomas Armitage (Plumber & Gas Fitter)


J.G. Beaumont [mason who also drew the plans]
John G. Beauont (Mason)
J. Berry
J. Blackburn (Builder)
Joseph Blackburn
Thomas Bottomley & Sons
Joseph Brearley (Joiner & Builder)
M. Brook
Mark Brook
Mark Brook (Builder)
Mark Brook & D. Brook
Samuel B. Brook (Plumber, Glazier, etc.)
George Brooke


F. & H. Calvert
F. & H. Calvert [?]
F. & H. Calvert (Joiners & builders) [who also produced the plans]
Robert Cockroft (Joiner & Builder)
John Thomas Cotton [who signed the plans]
John Curtis & Sons Ltd. (Shop Fitters)


Dawson & Jones
Dawson & Jones (Joiners & Builders) [who also produced the plans]
Dawson & Jones [plans received by H. Graham]
Dawson & Jones [the plans are signed C.A. Jones]
Dawson & Jones [who also provided the plans]
Dawson & Jones [who also signed the plans]
John Dawson and Co.
John Dinnes


Eland & Holdsworth
Eland & Holdsworth (Builders)
Eland & Holdsworth [plans received by Edward Eland]
Joe W. Ellis (Mason)
Mr. Exley


William Fawcett & Sons (Builders & Contractors)
William Fawcett & Sons (Builders)
William Fawcett & Sons (Joiner & Builders)
John Firth (Mason)


Graham & Jessop
Graham & Nephews (Contractors & Stone Merchants)
A. Graham & Sons
Abraham Graham
Abraham Graham [?]
Abraham Graham (Builder & Contractor ?)
Abraham Graham (builder) ?
Abraham Graham & Son
Abraham Graham & Sons
Abraham Graham & Sons [Thomas May, mason of Hillhouse, worked on the alterations]
B. Graham & Co.
Ben Graham
Messrs. Ben Graham
Ben Graham [the aplication was made by Ben Graham junior on behalf of George Tinker & Son]
Ben Graham [who received the plans]
Ben Graham [builder who also produced the plans]
Ben Graham & Nephew
Ben Graham & Nephews
Benjamin Graham
Benjamin Graham (Contractor ?)
Benjamin Graham & Sons
Bill Graham & Sons
R.H. Graham
Abraham Grahame (Builder)


David Haigh
David Haigh (Mason)
George Heywood
B. Hirst & Sons (Joiner & Builder) [William Hirst]
B. Hirst & Sons (Joiners & Builders)
Benjamin Hirst (Builder ?)
Benjamin Hirst (Joiner & Builder)
Benjamin Hirst & Sons
William Holdsworth (Joiner & Builder)
Henry Holland (Steam Joinery Works, Packing Case & Rolling Board Maker)
H. Hollingsworth & Son (Joiner)
Luke Holt


Ironwork by the Whessoe Foundry Co.


Graham Jessop (Builder)
Messrs. Samuel Johnson Ltd.
William E. Jowitt [?]


Joseph Kaye
John Kirk & Sons
John Kirk & Sons [?]


J. Ledgard & Sons (Builders)
David Light (Joiner & Builder) [also drew the plans]
C.H. Limey
W.A. Lofthouse [who signed the plans]


F. Mallinson [who submitted & collected the plans]
F. Martinhe
Mathison & Sons
Joseph H. Metcalf
Messrs. Miller, Blackie & Shortridge
Moody Bros.


Thomas Nicholson [?]
not stated [the plans were recived by Willie Allan & George Richardson]


Samuel Oldfield [?]


George Potter
George Potter (Builder)


Radcliffe & Sons
J. Radcliffe & Sons
John Radcliffe & Sons
John Radcliffe & Sons [?]
John Radcliffe & Sons (Builder & Contractor ?)
John Radcliffe & Sons (Builder)
John Radcliffe & Sons Ltd.
John Radcliffe & Sons Ltd. [N. Berry signed on their behalf]
C.H. Riley
J. Riley
J. Riley (Joiners & Builders)
J. Riley & Sons (Joiners & Builders)
William Roberts
James Royston & Sons
James Royston & Sons (Builder)


David Sawyer (Joiner)
Fred Schofield (Contractor) & Charles H. Smith (Foreman Mason)
Albert Smith
Fred R. Smith (Builder)
Stead & Kaye
Stead & Kaye (Builders & Contractors)
Law Stead & Sons
Law Stead & Sons (Builders)
Harris Stocks [?] (Mason)


Isaac Timmins
Token Construction Co. Ltd. [contractor from March 1968] & Sir Robert McAlpine and Sons Ltd. [from late 1968]


Ultrans Ltd.


William Waring
William Waring [who also produced the plans]
R. Whieteley & Nephew
William & George Rushforth (Joiners & Builders)
J. Wimpenny & Co.
Harris Wood (Builder)
T. Wood