Buildings of Huddersfield

Welcome to the Buildings of Huddersfield project. The project explores the development of central Huddersfield through planning and other records and looks to enhancement by contributions.

The project encompasses the area of the central wards of the former Huddersfield Borough. This approximates to the area north of the Colne, east of Gledholt Bank, south of Willow Lane and west of The Zone on Thistle Street.

The core data is from approvals from Huddersfield Building Registers of 1868–1974 and all listed buildings. This means that all unlisted buildings of before 1868 and buildings later than March 1974 are not included. However alterations to buildings before 1974 such as stables, porches and privvies are included.

Where are the Buildings?

Many will still be standing and most of these will have been altered.

The location or address in each record is given as written. The modern address may be different.

In some cases approved applications were not executed and many of the buildings erected will have been lost through demolition through both planned redevelopment and accident.

A map of all the records which contain location details is shown below (view the map full screen or coloured by date):

What Information is Included?

The basic information from the register usually includes:

  • applicant's name
  • building type
  • address
  • date of application

If the application has been examined during the project there may be much more information. This may include the architect, the main contractor, a description of the building and of the location.

Mistakes in the building register, our transcription of the handwritten register entries and accidental typos will have led to errors in the database.

Some entries include photographs and documentary sources. With your help we hope to have much fuller accounts for more buidlings.


The rule of the shorter and simpler the search term, the more hits you are likely to get applies. To help searches we have sought to standardise the spelling of street names, abbreviations and punctuation.

Huddersfield Architects

Huddersfield Architects is an extensive listing of local architects and their practices, compiled by Christopher Marsden.

Project History

...coming soon!

Who We Are

The initial Buildings of Huddersfield project was made possible by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to the University of Huddersfield.

This web site is the result of a collaboration between the Huddersfield Local History Society and the Huddersfield Civic Society, and was developed by Huddersfield Exposed.


We want to grow and improve the information and the scope of what is known about buildings use and occupants. Please tell us of your experience via this message board.

We will also be pleased to receive any corrections, contributions and ideas for development.