Deposited Plan No. 125

New Street of Fitzwilliam Street, Cross Beaumont Street(?): New Workshop


Deposited Plan Number:125
Date:15 December 1870
Plans Register:1869-1886
Street:New Street of Fitzwilliam Street, Cross Beaumont Street(?)
Property Name / Number:no data
Area:no data
District:Central Ward
Grid Reference:SE 1472 1727
Building Project:New Workshop
Type:New Building - workshop
Applicant:Alfred Beevers (Painter)
Applicant Address:Cross Beaumont Street, Huddersfield
Architect:no data
Architect Address:no data
Status of Project:no data
Contractor:no data
Contractor Address:no data
Work Commenced:no data
Work Completed:no data
Occupants:no data
Subsequent Alterations / History:Demolished
English Heritage Listing:no data
Location of Archives:Kirklees West Yorkshire Archives
Buildings of Huddersfield ID:125

Additional Information

Single story workshop adjoining existing house.

Approximate Location

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