Deposited Plan No. 24093A

Venn Street & Kirkgate: Rebuilding of Theatre (amended plan)


Deposited Plan Number:24093A
Date:24 September 1936
Plans Register:1934-1936
Street:Venn Street & Kirkgate
Property Name / Number:Palace Theatre
District:Central Ward
Grid Reference:no data
Building Project:Rebuilding of Theatre (amended plan)
Type:Theatre - rebuilding
Applicant:MacNaughten Vaudeville Circuit Ltd.
Applicant Address:no data
Architect:Roland Satchwell
Architect Address:6, New Street, Birmingham
Status of Project:
Contractor:no data
Contractor Address:no data
Work Commenced:no data
Work Completed:no data
Occupants:no data
Subsequent Alterations / History:Internal alterations 1959. Now a bar and club, Society.
English Heritage Listing:no data
Location of Archives:Kirklees West Yorkshire Archives
Buildings of Huddersfield ID:2696


Additional Information

The application includes a full set of drawings, including one of the facade which is covered with cream faience tiles (which have subsequently been painted) and four tall windows , which were filled with grisaille glass and lit the foyers and landings to the dress cicle and gallery.

An earlier plan had been rejected. These plans include certain modifications.

The building uses re-inforced concrete and a steel frame, details of which had been checked by Building Control.

The Palace closed in 1954, re-opened to close its doors again in 1957. In 1959, following internal alterations involving the removal of the seats in the stalls nd the installation of cafe tables and chairs, together with some changes to the slope of the floor, the Palace re-opened as the Continental. This experiment was perhaps ahead of its times and also failed. In November 1962, its fate as a theatre was sealed when the building was re-opened as a Bingo Club. Since the closure of the Bingo Club, the venue has house a succession of 'superpubs', starting with the Chicago Rock Diner.