Deposited Plan No. 64249

Kirkgate: Gaming Club


Deposited Plan Number:64249
Date:16 December 1968
Plans Register:H&TC Book 1968-1971
Property Name / Number:Number 47
District:Central Ward
Grid Reference:no data
Building Project:Gaming Club
Type:Leisure - alteration of existing premises
Applicant:J.R. Dalton
Applicant Address:22, Netheroyd Close, Netheroyd Hill, Huddersfield
Architect:Robert E. Clayton (Dip Arch., A.R.I.B.A.)
Architect Address:26, Queen Street, Huddersfield.
Status of Project:
Contractor:no data
Contractor Address:no data
Work Commenced:17 December 1968
Work Completed:29 December 1968
Occupants:no data
Subsequent Alterations / History:Building survives as part of the Huddersfield Hotel complex. The exact site was to become the Rosemary Lane Bistro.
English Heritage Listing:no data
Location of Archives:West Yorkshire Archives
Buildings of Huddersfield ID:3379

Additional Information

The plans show the internal layout of the building with proposed alterations, which are largely superficial.