Paddock Railway Viaduct


Deposited Plan Number:no data
Plans Register:no data
Street:no data
Property Name / Number:Paddock Railway Viaduct
Grid Reference:SE1339716099
Building Project:Paddock Railway Viaduct
Type:Railway Viaduct
Applicant:no data
Applicant Address:no data
Architect:John Hawkshaw (Engineer)
Architect Address:no data
Status of Project:no data
Contractor:Messrs. Miller, Blackie & Shortridge
Contractor Address:no data
Work Commenced:1845
Work Completed:1850
Occupants:no data
Subsequent Alterations / History:Existing, Grade II Listed (29 September 1978)
English Heritage Listing:1134435 — listed on 29 September 1978 (old ID: 339451)
Location of Archives:no data
Buildings of Huddersfield ID:3987

Additional Information

1845-50. The engineer may have been John Hawkshaw, and the contractors Messrs

Miller, Blackie and Shortridge; as they were employed by the company on Lockwood

Viaduct. Rock-faced stone. Ashlar band and parapet coping. 6 round arches on very tall piers at north end. 4 box girder trusses on piers with moulded bases and imposts. 5 round arches (2 blocked) at south end. Flat iron span over Manchester Road. 70 ft high. The line was opened on 1 July 1850.

(Extract from English Heritage listed buildings service, record number 339451)


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