Deposited Plan No. 1147

St. John's Road & Fitzwilliam Street: Alterations to Stables


Deposited Plan Number:1147
Date:12 October 1882
Plans Register:no data
Street:St. John's Road & Fitzwilliam Street
Property Name / Number:(Late) Coney's Stables
Area:no data
District:no data
Town:no data
Grid Reference:no data
Building Project:Alterations to Stables
Type:Commercial - additions & alterations
Applicant:William Eastwood Jowitt
Applicant Address:47 West Parade, Huddersfield
Architect:no data
Architect Address:no data
Status of Project:
Disapproved (?)
Contractor:no data
Contractor Address:no data
Work Commenced:no data
Work Completed:no data
Occupants:no data
Subsequent Alterations / History:See also Deposited Plan 1156 (14 December 1882). Demolished.
English Heritage Listing:no data
Location of Archives:West Yorkshire Archive Service (Kirklees)
Buildings of Huddersfield ID:3546


Additional Information

William Esatwood Jowitt is described as a plasterer, slater and cement merchant in the 1879 Huddersfield & District Directory. He may have produced the plans for the alterations to the commercial livery stables, which he had acquired from Thomas Worts Coney. The minor alterations involve opening up a passage entrance from St John's Road and building a 7 foot high wall to enclose the yard at the rear. Other minor changes result from the opening of this new entrance. The application was later re-submitted with further additions and alterations in December 1882.